About us

This is our story

The origin

EYEKØNIK is an Amsterdam-based eyewear brand founded by three friends who believed in the transformative power of creating meaningful life experiences while realizing your desired vision of life. Our dynamic ethos combines dedication, ambition, and the joy of celebration, while fostering a strong sense of community and support that drives us forward. We invite you to explore life through a new lens, where work, pleasure, and personal growth coexist in harmony.

1. Embracing balance

At EYEKØNIK, we draw inspiration from the relentless pursuit of dreams and goals, working tirelessly to achieve greatness while finding true fulfillment. However, we also believe that embracing life's joys, making cherished memories, and finding time for enjoyment are equally vital. Our eyewear reflects this balance and duality, seamlessly blending the passion for success with the celebration of life's extraordinary moments. Through a new lens, we encourage you to view life with a fresh perspective — a perspective that captures the essence of both hard work and leisure, finding harmony in the pursuit of ambition and the embrace of enjoyment.

2. Collective growth

EYEKØNIK is a thriving community rooted in the principles of collaboration and mutual upliftment. We believe that through supporting and celebrating one another, we can achieve greatness together. Our community is a source of inspiration, support, and shared experiences. Together, we embody a spirit of relentless pursuit, embracing the challenges, triumphs, and joys of the journey towards success. Here, we foster an environment that encourages personal growth, connection, and the exploration of new perspectives.

3. Beyond heritage

Rooted in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, EYEKØNIK captures the essence of a work ethic that is balanced with a zest for life, reflecting Amsterdam's celebration of both local dedication and international love. Inspired by Amsterdam's progressive mindset, rich culture, and vibrant lifestyle, our brand embodies the city's philosophy of working diligently while savoring the rewards of dedication. With EYEKØNIK, you carry the spirit of Amsterdam's "work hard, play hard" mentality, embracing the city's ethos that transcends borders and welcomes the world's diversity.

What this means for you

By joining us, you'll become part of the EYEKØNIK community rooted in Amsterdam but connected worldwide. From Barcelona to Berlin, New York to Melbourne, our EYEKØNIK members are everywhere, always connecting. Whether it's for drinks in the city or starting collective projects, we're here for both. So, step into a world where boundaries dissolve, where cultures collide, and where extraordinary experiences are shared. Together, we will redefine the very essence of what it means to live life to the fullest.